Daniel Fahlke aka Flyingmana
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PHP Developer
(currently mainly Magento)
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I´am a geek from the heart. My Interests are wide spread over the IT Area and i like to learn so much new every Day. Beside this I´am fascinated by cartoons, art, psychology and games. I live the motto Be kind, but dont await a reward
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Badstraße 42,
13357 Berlin, Germany
Mobilephone(private, only for friends, email is usually faster)
0152 072 630 57
Phone(even more private, only for friends, its a german one)
030 544 69 629

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Member of the Pirate Party Germany - Berlin
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My Blog I have a little Blog, filled with english and german Posts. Usually articles are published in only one language, when noone wish it for both.
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    Composer Magento Module Installer An Extension for Composer, which makes the live of Magento developers much easier
    Partlets (php) Partlets are self contained building block for web applications. These components help you to develop your application in a faster and more encapsulated way then the "old" single controller/template per page pattern.
    Arbit - next generation project tracking A Projecttracker written in pure PHP which is using CouchDB as Database
    Doctrine CouchDB Documentation Documentation for Doctrine CouchDB ODM
    Prototype-Carousel A carousel using the prototype and script.aculo.us libraries

    Other stuff

    Daniel Falke:
    I wonder why people always forget there is an "h" in my name